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Useful Links


The Japan Building Equipment and Elevator Center Foundation

The Japan Building Equipment and Elevator Center Foundation is committed to promoting dissemination and enlightenment of building facilities and vertical transportation system such like elevators and others (including works of amusement facilities)in Japan,survey research, evaluation / certification, information exchange and other securing of building quality and healthy development business.


The Japan Elevator Association (JEA)

The Japan Elevator Association (JEA) was formed in order to ensure that elevators and escalators can fulfill their vital mission and responsibilities to society. It is the sole organization in Japan representing this industry.


ndia the national standardization body is existing and is called as “ BIS “ – Bureau of Indian Standards. This organization works directly under the control of Government of India. The BIS is responsible for creating and maintaining standards for all categories including Elevators & Escalators. Currently Indian Standard for Lifts is IS14665.
The website is for BIS : -