Pacific Asia Lift (Elevator) and Escalator Association

Pacific Asia Lift and Escalator Association provides a neutral forum for all organizations within the lift / elevator and escalator industry operating in the Asia Pacific region.

The Pacific Asia Lift and Escalator Association (PALEA) was registered in Singapore in February 1998 and held its inaugural meeting in July 1998. The association was formed to serve the needs of the lift (elevator) and escalator industry in the Asia Pacific region and covers twenty-four Asia Pacific countries. The association is an A member of ISO and is represented on a number of working groups associated with the ISO/TC178 technical committee.



PALEAs objectives are:

  • To harmonise elevator and escalator standards and codes in the Asia Pacific region.

  • To harmonise the conformity assessment process for elevator and escalator products in Asia Pacific.

  • To provide assistance to organizations developing codes and standards for the elevator industry

  • To ensure the needs of the Asia Pacific region are clearly communicated to both National and international bodies.

  • To promote safety and the good name of the elevator industry with respect to the user, owner and technician.

  • To assist companies with the interpretation of codes and standards.

  • To raise the level of competence and understanding in the elevator and escalator industry.

    Through the harmonisation of codes and standards across the region the association strives to reduce the negative effects of different technical requirements on the safety, design, production and installation of elevator and escalator products. Increasing mobility of installation and maintenance crews demands that codes and standards be harmonised to ensure the safety of these personnel by reducing variation in elevator safety devices, clearances, procedures and processes. The harmonisation and mutual acceptance of conformity assessment will reduce the inefficient requrement of re-testing elevator and escalator products leading to increased delays and costs without any real benefit.

    Membership is open to all organisations within the lift / elevator and escalator industry operating in the Asia Pacific region including National code writing bodies, National lift associations, elevator and escalator manufacturers, consultants and architects. A number of levels of membership have been included in the constitution to cater for all needs. We actively encourage all associated with the industry to join, as a rich cross section of members will ensure that the Association has sufficient influence to meet its objectives.


    Present membership includes organisations representing all the categories mentioned above from a widely diverse number of Asia Pacific countries in the Region including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Members include national and international elevator companies and component manufacturers, national lift associations and national code writing authorities.

    The association regularly holds information seminars in various Asia Pacific centres to inform local members and interested industry representatives of the latest trends in regional and international codes and standards. These occasions also act as two way communcation forum providing the opportunity for PALEA to obtain the latest information and opinion from the local industry to ensure that the association keeps abreast with the latest code trends and needs throughout the region.